Presbyterian Prayer Partnership


SUN, JUNE 10 (Global Day of Prayer to End Famine) May God watch over those
with parched and empty farmland, hungry families and fragile hope. Strengthen our hearts to respond to those in need of food assistance.

MON, JUNE 11—Pray that the “warm heart of Africa” captivates Claire Fowler
(Langley Presbyterian, BC), a British Columbia medical student, volunteering for one month at the David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Malawi.

TUE, JUNE 12— We pray for Dr. George Sabra, President of the Near East
School of Theology in Lebanon and the recipient of the 2018 Dr. E. H. Johnson Memorial Fund award for the Cutting Edge in Mission.

WED, JUNE 13— Thank God for music, and the choir members and musicians
who share their gifts at church on Sunday mornings.

THU, JUNE 14— Thank God for Presbyterians across Canada who give generously
to enhance the mission and ministries of The Presbyterian Church in Canada.

FRI, JUNE 15— Pray for the members of the WCC Central Committee Gathering
as they carry out the priorities of the Council and prepare for the 11th Assembly in 2021.

SAT, JUNE 16— We lift up Liza Titizian, an International Ministries grant recipient, who graduates today from the Near East School of Theology in Lebanon with a Master of Divinity and Library Science degree.

MINUTE FOR MISSION – World Environment Day (June 5)
Presbyterian World Service & Development is committed to environmental stewardship and creation care. Deforestation caused by human activity or climate change affects the lives and livelihoods of millions of people living in poverty. In Haiti, widespread deforestation has eroded crop-producing soil and led to increased flooding and landslides, sustaining cycles of hunger and poverty. PWS&D is supporting partners at Canadian Foodgrains Bank to replant forest areas and improve food security by equipping farmers to plant tree nurseries, protect soil and store seeds. A healthy, vibrant creation is vital for the well-being of families throughout our global village, as they harvest food, earn livelihoods and embrace futures of hope. PWS&D encourages environmental stewardship.