Presbyterian Prayer Partnership

JULY 12. Pray for individuals who are processing all they learned at The Presbyterian Women’s Gathering. Help them turn their learning into growth and action.

JULY 13. We pray for the families of those suffering from dementia, that they might find the strength to support their loved one.

JULY 14. Pray for children living in poverty. Pray for the lifting of barriers that keep children and families from rising out of poverty.

JULY 15. Pray for the safe return of the Youth in Mission participants from their recent trip to Taiwan.

JULY 16. Pray for the women, men and children learning to prevent the spread of leprosy and tuberculosis in poor regions of Nepal with the help of Presbyterian World Service & Development.

JULY 17. We pray for Silas, Selema and Freda, the children of mission staff Dr. Nicholaus and Becky Bauman in Nepal. Pray for their health as they adjust to their new culture and that they will make lots of friends.

JULY 18. We pray for theological students working in summer charges.

JULY 19. God bless prayer chain members in congregations that pray for people and situations in need of God’s care and healing.

JULY 20. We pray for social and Indigenous ministries, and ask God’s blessing upon them as they serve their communities.

JULY 21. We pray for the search committees of congregations seeking a new minister.

JULY 22. Pray for the Youth in Mission participants who are in Hungary to take part in the ecumenical Starpoint Festival with young people from around the world.
MINUTE FOR MISSIONThe Sacrament of the Ordinary
Your gifts to Presbyterians Sharing are providing grants to nine new congregational developments in Canada. One of these, Two Rivers Church, began as a small group of friends who felt the call to come together as a church in downtown Guelph, Ontario. A biweekly Living Room gathering brings people together for a meal and conversation. The “Sacrament of the Ordinary” encourages participants to share something from the past week which caused them to reflect on the presence of grace in the mundane or routine. Rev. Glen Soderholm shares, “I think what we want to cultivate is a deeper attunement to the
reality of God with us in every detail of our lives. By hearing each other’s reflections, we become opened to this possibility in all of our daily lives.” Presbyterians Sharing supports new congregations in Canada.