Prescott Prayers & Projects

CHURCH FAMILY NEWS – Love and sympathy to the family of Doug Roe at his passing.

ANNUAL CHURCH PICNIC – postponed until later in the summer.

Over the past 125 years, St. Andrew’s has completed many improvements to the building that have allowed it to become a focal point in our community and improved accessibility for all.  We are now committed to adding a lift. More…

PRESCOTT PRAYER REQUESTS – Please Remember in Prayer:
Angie and George;  Bob;  Chris S.; Daniel & Nikki; Deb & Gary G. and family; Donald P.; Francine G.; Glenn N.; Gord D.; Harold C.; Hennie J.; Hilda H; Jack T.; Jan H.; Jennifer W.; Jim H.; Judy, Sarah, Vicki and Marion J.; Julie; Kay & Dick L.; Kay-Lin; Lisee; Lois; Marg G.; Margi and family; Maxine M;  Rachel H.; Rod and Margo M; Sheryl; the Rev. Cheryl G; the Rev. Ian Johnston as he continues his Interim Ministry at St. John’s in Cornwall; and all others that you know.

Please remember also:
Andy W.; Angela B.; Annette N.; Brad H.; Brenda P.; Carl; Cathy M.;  Elise; Glenda L.; Gord & Eleanor; Helmer; Kay P.; Kelly S.; Kelvin; Kim U.; Lorraine C.; Thelma; Tiffany, and all family and community friends.


  • Pop Can Collection
  • Used Battery Container
  • Food for All Food Bank Barrel