One thing we all have in common is saying goodbye to those we love when they die. Here at St. Andrew’s and St. Andrew’s-Knox we welcome all people who would like to mark the death of their beloved through a funeral or memorial service. One does not need to be a member of either congregation to ask for help with a funeral.

Funerals can be held here at the church and they are also held in funeral home chapels or other suitable locations.

While funerals are opportunities to remember that we are a Resurrection People whose hope is in Christ, they are also opportunities to say goodbye to those who have been part of our lives in some way. There are plenty of opportunities for family members and friends to be involved. They can assist in planning the ceremony, and share in readings or prayers. Quite often people will share thanksgiving memories of the deceased.

Please let us know how we can be of assistance. It’s our hope to be as helpful to families as we can while celebrating the life of their beloved in the hope of the life to come.

If you know someone is dying  – perhaps in the hospital or at home on their last days, let us  know. Our Minister would be pleased  to visit with them, and perhaps offer a prayer of comfort and assurance in the life to come.

Once someone has passed, please give us a call so arrangements can be made to meet and make some plans for the funeral or memorial service. If you prefer, ask the funeral director to give our Minister a call. After hearing from them, he will be in touch.

May God be a comfort to you as you grieve the loss of those whom you love.