St. Andrew’s Organ (Prescott)


1891 – The story of the organ begins in 1891. A subscription list for a new organ had been opened and an organ installed. It proved unsatisfactory and was removed shortly before the fire. Prescott's Organ

1892 – Fire destroyed the church building and the manse. When reconstruction plans for the new church were made, John P. Wiser, a member of the congregation, generously offered to present the church with a new organ if the subscribers would add an equal amount to the Building Fund. Built by S.R. Warren & Sons Company of Toronto, the organ was prepared of Romanesque design to harmonize with the architecture of the church. The woodwork is quarter-cut southern oak in natural colour.

1893 – On March 26, 1893, the present building was dedicated by Principal, the Reverend Dr. Gaven of Knox College, Toronto. Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Wiser gifted the present organ when the church was opened. It was dedicated in memory of John A. and Alice Maud Wiser, children of Mr. and Mrs. J.P. Wiser.

1957 – In 1957 the organ was rebuilt and rededicated.