Worship @ St. Andrew’s-Knox (Spencerville) – Sunday mornings, 9:15  a.m.  COVID-19 protocols are in place.

Worship @ St. Andrew’s (Prescott) – Sunday mornings, 11:00 a.m. COVID-19 protocols are in place.

The heart of Christian practice is worship. Worship is where we gather together to praise God, to learn about God, to be strengthened by God so that we can go out and serve God, and to strengthen and encourage one another.

According to Living Faith, one of our standards,
 The church lives to praise God.
     We have no higher calling than to offer worship that belongs to God
day by day, Sunday by Sunday. (7.3.1)

     Through the preaching of the Word
and the celebration of the Sacraments,
in praise, prayer, teaching and fellowship,
God sustains the life of the church.
We worship God as Lord
offering ourselves in the service of Christ,
rejoicing that we have been brought from darkness to light. (7.3.2)

     Worship draws us into the work of Christ.
Even now he interceded for the world
to which he came and for which he died.
In union with him, the church prays
for the healing and the salvation of the world. (7.3.3)

We are one body in Christ:
     together rejoicing when things go well,
supporting one another in sorrow,
celebrating the goodness of  God
and the wonder of our redemption. (8.2.6)