Pastoral Care

The church is the family of God … [called to support] one another in

In providing pastoral care we mirror God’s concern for each of us.

While the Minister of Word and Sacrament and Ruling Elders share in the leadership, pastoral care and oversight of the congregation, each of us performs pastoral care as a natural part of our everyday community life.

Pastoral care includes:
– Visiting members who have special needs;
– Visiting or providing Holy Communion to the sick, infirm, and
bereaved at home or in hospitals and retirement homes;
– Delivering food or flowers to persons who are ill or shut-ins;
– Doing preparations for funerals, baptisms, and marriages;
– One-to-one counselling (offered by Ministers and Elders only).

If you are in need of pastoral care – or know of someone who is in need – please call the church office.